Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat

Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat



Aytekin Birkon
Sound Design & Mix Mustafa Durma
Foley Editing Simone Weber
Starring Fatih Usta, Bahadir Sari, Nezih Isitan

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This period action epos is set in times when the Ottoman Empire is fighting against Byzantium. Kara Murat is intervening and influencing the war with his outstanding fighting skills..

Kara Murat is a famous Turkish comic book and film character with his origins in the 60s and 70s.

Besides doing human and horse steps, it was a lot of fun to do everything from sword and fist fights (with heavy punches, kicks and bloody bone cracks) to solid metal armour moves, but also widen my sound palette on the softer side with a properly grown selection of real silk fabrics.