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Sound Design

Creating the sound world.
Augmenting the picture.
Supporting your story.


The entire acoustic side of your project needs to be carefully planned – no matter if your story is being told as a movie, radio play, installation or live on stage.


From early script-reading on, we carve out the best way to make the sound support the story.
We design time & space, develop the characters, establish moods,
spin our golden thread.


An intelligent sound concept makes all sound layers blend perfectly:
Dialogue, Foley, Sound Effects, Ambiences and Music.


This way, every sound element can take its full effect rather than competing with each other.


I enjoy editing production sound, designing surround atmos and effects. And of course add my Foley spice wherever needed.
I am mixing up to 7.1 surround.


For bigger films or tighter schedules, I can draw on a wide network of sound specialists to form a team.