Hochbrücke Brunsbüttel

Hochbrücke Brunsbüttel



Director Karsten Wiesel
DOP Sin Huh
Recording & Sound Design Gregory Büttner, Clemens Endreß
Awards "Best Short Film" at Film Festival Schleswig-Holstein 2015

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A very special 12min short film is finished: "HOCHBRÜCKE BRUNSBÜTTEL" is an abstract documentary about a huge 40m-bridge over the canal connecting North Sea and Baltic Sea in Northern Germany.

For this project I teamed up with avantgarde-composer Gregory Büttner. During 3 days of shooting on location, we captured a lot of 8-channel surround audio material from outside and inside the building. Recordings were made on a SoundDevices 788T with either 4 contact microphones and a quad IRT-cross at the same time, or with two M/S booms replacing the contact mics.

This project has always been thought as sound installation and live performance as well, so the picture/sound editing concept for the linear film format was developped through audio-visual live improvisation. The 5.1 sound design is now based on experimental and artistic (but dramaturgically consistent) sound montage techniques of the recordings, playing with (a-)synchronicity, reality and perception.

Together with the quiet but powerful pictures by photographer Sin Huh, this results in far more than a "normal architecture documentary": The portrait of the bridge has become an impressive monument itself, an exciting audio-visual sculpture.