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I love doing Foley.

Foley is the main area of my work.
Performing real-life sounds is a craft full of emotions.
As a Foley artist, I'm the actor you can't see – but hear and feel!

My playground.


Foley artists mainly (re-) create any natural sounds caused by the film characters and their actions, but also imagine sounds that don't even exist.

While I record in sync with the running film,
I’m totally slipping into the actors’ roles to get perfectly convincing performances.

Not only am I going to great lengths to deliver natural steps, exact moves and vivid props. I’m also caring a lot for subtle dramaturgic details to support your story.


I have developed a workflow enabling me to efficiently record my own Foley performance. Wearing headphones, I can interact very directly and thus "become one" with the microphone.


For interior scenes, I play with room acoustics and let the recordings "breath" to match the natural room acoustics of the location sound. They become easier to mix and satisfy both dialogue editors and re-recording mixers.



Record & Edit

I love to record – and I love to edit. I know my recordings, that’s making me fast. And as it’s always a pleasure to see it all coming together, I enjoy finishing my Foley tracks with great love to detail. With tighter schedules, I team up with skilled editors under my supervision. So I usually offer complete Foley services, delivering fully edited ProTools sessions.

For all media

From 360° VR shorts to full-length cinema features and documentaries, from theater productions to radio plays, whether you need only specific pick-ups or a Full-IT pass – I’m used to provide Foley for all kind of media formats and lengths, as well as to work remotely worldwide.

Location Foley

I have a super slick, mobile Sounddevices recording setup available, allowing me to capture some special Foley magic at original locations. Operating without computer & DAW, but still having timecode-locked video playback, is making this a really fast and flexible rig at superb audio quality. The elegant workflow helps keeping down costs.