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Very close to the Alster lake, my studio is located in an old bunker building in a quiet backyard in Hamburg, Germany.

7.1 Suite

  • 7.1 system with Neumann
    KH 310A front speakers, KH 805 subwoofer and BlueSky surrounds

  • TC Clarity X speaker management

  • Avid ProTools HD, Ableton Live,
    Altiverb XL, Nugen, RX Suite…

  • Avid Artist Mix motor faders

  • 55" HD video screens

  • room treatment by Primacoustic



  • high ceiling recording rooms with interior & exterior acoustics

  • custom-built Foley pits

  • wide selection of cloth, shoes, props

  • Foley kitchen, bathroom and garden

  • microphones by DPA, Neumann, ElectroVoice, Røde, Sennheiser...

Musical instruments

  • tenor & soprano saxophones

  • modular and vintage analogue synthesizers & drum machines

  • 60's electric piano and 70's organ

  • electric and acoustic guitars

  • analogue effect pedals

  • percussion, cymbals,…



Film, Timecode

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Codec: Avid DNxHD36 or Apple ProRes 422 Proxy
    Please also provide a H.264 compressed version

  • Timecode: small timecode counter, placed in the upper right corner
    First frame of action at “full hour” e.g. 01:00:00:00
    Avoid any timecode or watermarks in the lower half of the picture, as this will make my work a lot harder and sometimes impossible!

  • Technical leader: movie file starts at 00:59:50:00 on black, with a 1-frame sync beep & pop frame at 00:59:58:00 (which is 2sec before film start, see above)

  • It’s important to supply a Picture Cut EDL (without sound cuts) with each version of your film!

  • For Foley projects, please also provide a (Temp) Dialogue bounce with channel splitting: original sync sound on L-, any Temp music & SFX on R-channel.


  • Depending on your project, you might supply edited audio tracks as OMF/AAF.

  • Please keep different material on seperate tracks:
    Voiceover, Boom, Clip-Mics, Stereo-Atmos, TempSFX, (Temp)Music, …

  • If you have used external sound recorders, please make sure the meta-data remains intact during import & editing, so the original sound files can be relinked; don’t “export” but rather “link to“ your edited audio material. You can read more on this in the BVFT guide here (German only).

  • Please provide your sound reports as text-searchable PDF.

Music Quality

Do yourself a favour and provide any music in proper quality, e.g. at least 16Bit/44,1kHz WAV/AIF (CD quality). Original score is to be produced in 24Bit/48kHz (double-check with your composer!).