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From the very first short film I was working on, I recorded my own Foley sounds – without even knowing this name. As soon as I finally found out that this was actually a real job, I fully concentrated on learning everything I could – partly through [never ending] testing and exploring on my own, but also during my work as assistant Foley artist with Lucas Nilsson at Chimney Pot Ljudligan's dedicated Foley studio in Sweden.

Grown up at the lovely Ammersee lake in Bavaria, I spent so many days in the surrounding woods where I probably developed my feeling for the sounds of natural materials. From the late 90s on, I spent countless nights composing and producing my own music – a time when you could hardly see a laptop on stage and Ableton Live had yet to be invented.

When I moved to Hamburg to do my Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Audiovisual Media Engineering degree at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, I acquired a profound knowledge of e.g. recording technology and room acoustics, which I am happy to use in my everday work.


Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Clemens Endreß BVFT
22765 Hamburg, Germany

+49 (0)40 2800 2864
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DE 266 829 803

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