Toons 'n' Tunes

Toons 'n' Tunes



Sven Kacirek
Wood & Stone Marimbas, Drums, Music Box, Toy Piano
Edgar Herzog Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Flutes
Till Penzek Cartoon Curator, Animations

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"TOONS 'N' TUNES" is a 45min selection of several silent B&W-cartoons from the 20s, that are brought to new life with live music and Foley. It's incredible fun to team up here with two of Hamburg's finest musicians, Sven Kacirek and Edgar Herzog, and revive those hilarious films with sophisticated live sound design. So great to see how every single one of those old jokes is still working with today's children, and wow, 300 cheering kids make some wonderful noise!

So far, the show has been performed numerous times at the Big Bang Festival in Hamburg, Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp.

© Richard Stöhr