Alban Endlos - Umda EP

Alban Endlos - Umda EP



  Thomas von Pescatore
Photo Navina Reus
Video David Aufdembrinke,

All music composed, played and produced by Alban Endlos, feat. A. Lévar (electric guitar) and Balthasar Beat (drums) on Umda. Remixes and additional production by the respective remix artists.

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"We are happy that Alban Endlos joins us for the first release on heiter bis wolkig. Three tracks will serve as a teaser for Alban’s upcoming Album "Goldene Welt" - accompanied by remixes from Berlin's Powel, Dolph and Jan Hertz.
Don’t expect from-the-shelf-electronics here: Alban weaves a weird but beautiful blend of foley tools, saxophones, detuned pianos, analogue synths and pulsing beats. Add the organic touch of guitars and drums by friends he invited over to the studio and top it off with vocal recordings from his childhood.
The demo left us amazed - the EP now finally enters our living rooms to warm our feet in the winter and surely invade some dancefloors as well…"
– heiter bis wolkig