Alban Endlos - Goldene Welt

Alban Endlos - Goldene Welt



  Thomas von Pescatore
Photo Navina Reus
Video David Aufdembrinke,
Label Jan Paul Herzer,

All music composed, played and produced by Alban Endlos.
Remixes and additional production by the respective remix artists.
#2 feat. A. Lévar (electric guitar) and Balthasar Beat (drums)
#4 Poem "Goldene Welt" by Georg Britting (1891-1964), spoken by Alban Endlos at the age of 5, recorded by his dad.

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"Alban Endlos made a brilliant debut on heiter bis wolkig last year. His "Umda EP" left quite an impression – thanks to a unique blend of quirky electronics and and warm acoustic sounds. Beautiful reinterpretations by house artists Powel and Dolph and a well-received music video by closed the deal and made the first release on heiter bis wolkig a sweet success.

With his full-length album "Goldene Welt", Alban is now expanding his vision of what he calls Electroacoustica and finally gives listeners the chance to fully embrace his work.

Topped off with fantastic remixes by Treibgut-bandmate Akustikhaack as well as (once more!) Powel and Dolph, please welcome back his trademark sounds: from analogue synths to his saxophones, from slow house rhythms to noisy toys: This winter Alban strolls out to paint the town not red but golden."

– heiter bis wolkig