In all my work, custom sound recordings and real musical instruments create a personal and unique sound world.

Currently working on:

5.1 installation, audiovisual live performance and art film
with director Karsten Wiesel, DOP Sin Huh and contempory music artist Gregory Büttner

performance sound design, on stage at Kampnagel Hamburg 02/2015
with performer Annika Scharm, dramaturg Juliana Oliveira, costume/stage designer Lani Tran-Duc


Sound for Installations & Theater

Sound installations
are soundscapes closely linked to and strongly interacting with their performance venue. Combined with interactive elements, the visitor has the ability to (consciously or unconsciously) influence and vary the sounds. This is accomplished by various sensors and triggers. Thus every single visitor enjoys an unique sound world and gets involved more deeply.
For bigger projects I can draw on a network of collegues, specialising in e.g. software and installation.

Performance and Theater Sound is specially designed to support the dramaturgic needs of the piece. Whether being pre-produced for playback or performed live on stage, an innovative sound design will add a whole new dimension to your play.

The sounds themselves are custom-designed to fit your e.g. exhibition, art objects, play, event. The resulting sound art mixture can be created from music, sounds, noise and speech elements and can cover a wide range of forms and colours. They can be delivered in 2.0 stereo, 5.1 surround or using 8 discrete channels – and beyond.