In all my work, custom sound recordings and real musical instruments create a personal and unique sound world.

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"DYSTOPIA", 2011

"RADUHN", 2009

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Sound for Film / Radio play

is the main area of my work. It is the both creatively and technically demanding art of creating any sounds in the studio using whatever it needs. In most cases, this is done in sync with the running motion picture. The three basic components of a Foley track are steps, moves und props.
In my approach, however, there is a fluent passage to sounds normally described as sound effects and ambiences. I create sound design in front of and with my microphones. 

Sound design is a difficult term that everyone defines differently. To me, it doesn’t merely mean the design of single sounds or a mixture between film score and ambiences, but rather the whole concept of an entire soundtrack. An intelligent sound concept makes all sound layers blend perfectly. This way, every sound element can take its full effect rather than compete with each other. That is what I appreciate.

Ambiences are first of all the sonic fingerprint of a location. Their story-telling potential appears when some more or less hidden dramaturgic hints are added and emotional moods are established. I both love to record atmospheres in 2.0 stereo or 4.0 surround and to create them from scratch doing Foley.

Your production sound can also be recorded by me. Especially with my experiences in post production I know what it needs for solid-sounding production sound. For bigger projects I can draw on a wide network of specialists.

Got bad production sound? No problem. Of course it is always a real pity when no acceptable production sound could be recorded. Unfortunately, this happens pretty often. It is, however, no reason to despair. I offer facilities to get your dialogue professionally dubbed. When I then add sound work like Foley, ambiences and possibly music after that, a whole new and stunning soundtrack arises – and your production is more than just saved!

Information on film score can be found on the Music page.