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"ZUHAUSE ANDERSWO" editing & mix

© LA ZON-MAI / Roubaix / Awatef ChengalI have finished the sound editing and mixing for "ZUHAUSE ANDERSWO" by Nathalie David.

The documentary is set around the art exhibition in Bremen, Germany, on the subject of migration and integration. With its discussions and workshops for pupils it's a nice symbiosis of politics, education and art. A central part is the multi-media installation La Zon-Mai from France.



© courtesy of SKY LIVINGI have finished the complete Foley recording and editing for "APHRODITE FRY".

The TV short is starring Sarah Solomani who has also written the story: A mural artist experiences a rather limp one-night stand that changes her outlook on the dating game. (sky living) Squirky characters, funny dialogues, great humour.

Sound design and mix by Sound Disposition, London.



I have finished the Foley recording and editing for the viral online video by Lovestruck.

Sound design and mix by SoundDisposition, London.


"FRAU SCHILDT" Editing & Mix

The sound editing and mix for "MEINE LIEBE FRAU SCHILDT" by Nathalie David is finished.

© Nathalie David / Pitchoun Production

The feature length documentary accompanies the pupils of a German primary school class on their last school trip, before they all split up in order to attend secondary schools. For their teacher, Mrs Schildt, it is the last year before her retirement. So both pupils and teacher have a lot to tell about their hopes, fears and wishes for the new chapter in life, as well as about school, friendship and community in general.



I have finished the complete Foley work and additional sound editing for "THE GENITAL WARRIORS" by Matthew Way.

The dark comedy feature is an episodic ensemble and art-house film, starring a.o. Barbara Nüsse, Ursela Monn, Marlen Diekhoff, Tatja Seibt, Lou Castel, Peter Franke and Rudolf Waldemar Brem.

In a psychiatric ward, the screenwriter Frank (70) accuses his doctor of having stolen two of his ex-girlfriends, Lena and Barbara. In the meantime, Frank's out-of-control characters travel through several dimensions while committing atrocities. Reality and film fantasy as well as the past and present become one.

The film is being mixed at Rotor Film Babelsberg, Berlin.


"HARBOR GIRL" Editing & Mix

© Karsten WieselI have finished the sound editing and mix for the documentary short "HARBOR GIRL" by Karsten Wiesel.

This short film portrays a young lone mother, who is completely into Roller Derby: a quite tough sport with two teams on old-school roller skates fighting against each other.
We see her managing the daily routine of her small family, training with her team of roller girls and preparing a big bout with a team from Denmark.


"DIE SCHLÄFER" Radio Play Sounddesign

I have finished the complete sound design and Foley work for "DIE SCHLAEFER" by Torsten Gellrich.

The 2.5h radio play is almost entirely set in Antarctica and the research base Darwin, where researchers are trying to reach Lake Vostok. For 30 million years, this underground lake is cut off from the outside world by 4km of ice.

When the researchers manage to get some interesting organic samples from down there, things start turning into an exciting science thriller!

While I had great fun creating the sound design, Foley, sound effects, atmospheres and doing the premix, the speaking roles have been recorded by radio play veteran and mixer Kay Poppe (Wallander).

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