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© Vertigo Films Ltd. The gripping and stylish "SWORD OF VENGEANCE" by director Jim Weedon has been my first Foley cinema feature set in medieval times. It's starring Stanley Weber, Annabelle Wallis (X-Men), Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones), Dave Legeno (Snatch, Batman Begins), Karel Roden (Bourne Supremacy) and many more.

Providing the complete Foley performance and editing, I totally enjoyed doing chainmail and leather armour moves, as well as fighting "in the woods" and on "muddy open fields". Creating distinctive sound worlds for the different characters like the King and his knights opposed to Saxon peasants and warriors, some powerful fighting slaves and of course the mysterious main character was a nice challenge in this movie.

Sound design and mix by my colleagues at Sound Dispostion, London.



© Infinite Wisdom Studios / Vertigo FilmsI have completed the Foley performance and recording for "BASE" by director Richard Parry (who also directed A Night in the Woods).

In this cinema feature, I found myself climbing on mountains, basejumping, wingsuit-flying, paragliding... but, lucky me, all inside my Foley studio.

Edited and mixed by Sound Disposition, London.



I have finished the complete sound design for the layout commercial for MIA ELECTRIC by director David Aufdembrinke.

For this spot I was composing and producing the music, playing analogue synthesizers, drum machines and electric guitars. Seamlessly blending some Foley and traffic recordings in a musical way, I created a dense, dark and loud soundworld that of course can only be fled in a silent electric car.



© Arthur Oleszczuk / Eric BossallerI have finished the complete sound design for the 16mm short film "SEDUCTRICE" by director Arthur Oleszczuk, who also recorded the ADR.

For this lovely piece of improvised cinema, I've performed and recorded full Foley, recorded surround ambiences on original locations as well as doing all sound editing and final 5.1 mixing.



I have finished the complete sound design for the cinema feature "OF GIRLS AND HORSES" by writer/director Monika Treut.

After editing production sound and effects as well as doing the 5.1 atmo design, I produced all the Foley tracks needed to further complete the soundtrack. When my mix was finished, we did the final mastering together with Sascha Heiny at Loft Studios' dubbing stage.

Good luck now at all film festivals, looking forward to the cinema release!



© Hamburger KunsthalleI have finished the sound & music editing as well as the 2.0 mix for the art documentary on Gertrud "GEGO" Goldschmidt (1912–1994) by director Nathalie David.

The 60min feature gives deep insight into GEGO's life and work, in which she develops her very own style of crafting e.g. filigree sculptures made of wires. The music has been composed by Vladislav Sendecki.

The film is part of the exhibition at Hamburger Kunsthalle.



© Unanimous Entertainment

I have finished the complete Foley recording and editing for "A SINGLE SHOT" by director David M. Rosenthal, which will world-premiere at Berlinale 2013!

The cinema feature is based on the same-titled novel by writer Matthew F. Jones and is starring the wonderful Sam Rockwell (Assassination of Jesse James, 7 Psychos, Green Mile). In supporting roles we see William H. Macy (Fargo), Jeffrey Wright, Kelly Reilly, Melissa Leo, Joe Anderson and many more.

A single wrong shot "starts a tense and atmospheric game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon and the hardened backwater criminals out for his blood." (IMDb)

Sound design by Sound Disposition, London, mixed at Sharpe Sound, Vancouver.

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