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A very special 12min short film is finished: "HOCHBRÜCKE BRUNSBÜTTEL" by director Karsten Wiesel is an abstract documentary about a huge 40m-bridge over the canal connecting North Sea and Baltic Sea in Northern Germany.

For this project I teamed up with avantgarde-composer Gregory Büttner. During 3 days of shooting on location, we captured a lot of 8-channel surround audio material from outside and inside the building. Recordings were made on a SoundDevices 788T with either 4 contact microphones and a quad IRT-cross at the same time, or with two M/S booms replacing the contact mics.

This project has always been thought as sound installation and live performance as well, so the picture/sound editing concept for the linear film format was developped through audio-visual live improvisation. The 5.1 sound design is now based on experimental and artistic (but dramaturgically consistent) sound montage techniques of the recordings, playing with (a-)synchronicity, reality and perception.

Together with the quiet but powerful pictures by photographer Sin Huh, this results in far more than a "normal architecture documentary": The portrait of the bridge has become an impressive monument itself, an exciting audio-visual sculpture.

"Best Short Film" winner at Film Festival Schleswig-Holstein 2015.



I have written, performed, recorded and produced some electroacoustic music as solo artist "ALBAN ENDLOS". I've used analogue instruments like synthesizers, saxophones, old organs, pianos and drummachines, but also doing "Foley" sounds and loops. On the title track I also redorded two friends on guitar and drums.
As a teaser for the upcoming album, three of my tracks are now being released on heiter bis wolkig, combined with three superb remixes by Berlin's Powel, Jan Hertz and Dolph. Not to forget this fantastic music video by DAVI.IN:


"BALZTÄNZE" Theater Performance

© Anja Beutler As a part of the abstract theater performance "BALZTÄNZE" by Annika Scharm, I have been on stage doing live sound design and music in 4.0 surround for three shows on Kampnagel, Hamburg.



I have finished the sound editing and mixing of the art documentary by director Nathalie David.

It's an interesting portrait of Arthur and Hedy Hahnloser-Bühler's private museum "VILLA FLORA" in Winterthur, Switzerland, whose collection will come to Hamburger Kunsthalle in 2015. The film will also be screened as part of this exhibition, as well as in selected cinemas.



I have provided full Foley services for the Turkish cinema feature "FATIH'IN FEDAISI KARA MURAT" by Aytekin Birkon. While I was performing and recording the sounds, they have been edited by Simone Weber under my supervision.

This period action epos is set in times when the Ottoman Empire is fighting against Byzantium. Kara Murat is intervening and influencing the war with his outstanding fighting skills..

Kara Murat is a famous Turkish comic book and film character with his origins in the 60s and 70s.

Besides doing human and horse steps, it was a lot of fun to do everything from sword and fist fights (with heavy punches, kicks and bloody bone cracks) to solid metal armour moves, but also widen my sound palette on the softer side with a properly grown selection of real silk fabrics.



I have done all sound editing, sound design and 2.0 mix for the feature film on the incredible "RED BULL STORM CHASE" by directors Florian Gebbert and Jobst von Paepcke.

The RB Storm Chase is the "most challenging windsurfing contest of all time":
Once a stable storm low is about to hit a coast somewhere on earth, both the best windsurfers of the world and the whole crew have only 48 hours left to travel there. In three storms, they are competing in three rounds, showing what they can do under these extreme conditions of force 10 storms, with windspeeds around 100km/h and waves up to 10m high!

It was a great pleasure to design all these different heavy weather atmospheres and huge wave sounds in order to convey the tension and mixed feelings of the riders, facing the unleashed power of nature.



I have completed the sound editing and 2.0 mix of the documentary feature "ACTING OUT. 25 Years of Queer Film & Community in Hamburg" by Ana Grillo, Christina Magdalinou and Silvia Torneden.

It's a moving portrait of Hamburg's colourful queer community as well as the crew behind the Queer Film Festival Hamburg. It was a great pleasure to work on this film, and I have learned a lot.

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