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"TERROR" Foley

© ARD / Degeto / MoovieI have completed the Foley performance, recording and editing for the German TV feature "TERROR" by director Lars Kraume. The ambitious screen adaption of Ferdinand von Schirach's same-titled theater play is set entirely in a court room, and is starring the fantastic actors Burghart Klaußner, Martina Gedeck, Lars Eidinger, Florian David Fitz as well as Jördis Triebel and Rainer Bock.

Having shot down a hijacked airplane that was setting course for a crowded football stadium, the accused Bundeswehr fighter pilot Lars Koch has to stand trial. Did he have the right (or even duty?) to ignore direct commands and to kill 164 people in order to possibly save 70000?

The film will be broadcasted as an interactive TV event (October 17th, ARD/ORF/SF, 20:15), with the audience as "jury" being asked to judge via phone/internet – and the accordingly aired ending of the film!

Sound design and mix by Björn Wiese, Berlin.