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"JEDERMANN" Sound Design, Foley, Mix

 © Katharina PethkeI have finished the Sound Design, Foley and Mix of Katharina Pethke's "JEDERMANN".

The beautiful 16mm B&W film is an experimental documentary portrait of the Austrian actor Philipp Hochmair. Following him on his way to perform Hofmannsthal's famous play Jedermann as one-man-show, the film also shows how things can get a bit blurry in a life filled with so many different characters and roles.

It was a great pleasure to develop the sound concept for this film, perform and record some detailed Foley, as well as design intense surround atmospheres. In addition to that I enjoyed the close collaboration with composer Gerriet K. Sharma, who crafted a fragile and beautiful electronic score.

JEDERMANN has already been awarded "Prädikat besonders wertvoll" (especially valuable) by the FBW – good luck now for any festivals!