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"TERROR" Foley

© ARD / Degeto / MoovieI have completed the Foley performance, recording and editing for the German TV feature "TERROR" by director Lars Kraume. The ambitious screen adaption of Ferdinand von Schirach's same-titled theater play is set entirely in a court room, and is starring the fantastic actors Burghart Klaußner, Martina Gedeck, Lars Eidinger, Florian David Fitz as well as Jördis Triebel and Rainer Bock.

Having shot down a hijacked airplane that was setting course for a crowded football stadium, the accused Bundeswehr fighter pilot Lars Koch has to stand trial. Did he have the right (or even duty?) to ignore direct commands and to kill 164 people in order to possibly save 70000?

The film will be broadcasted as an interactive TV event (October 17th, ARD/ORF/SF, 20:15), with the audience as "jury" being asked to judge via phone/internet – and the accordingly aired ending of the film!

Sound design and mix by Björn Wiese, Berlin.



© Oetinger AudioI have finished all Foley recordings for the German radio play "KRÄHE UND BÄR" by Martin Baltscheit, spoken by Lina Beckmann, Wolf Frass, Charly Hübner and Robert Missler.

Sound design & mix by radio play veteran Kay Poppe, published by Oetinger Audio.



It's been a while that I've been doing all Foley recordings for the short film "LEECHES" by writer, director, producer Payal Sethi – and it's doing great at numerous film festivals worldwide!

This brilliant short from India tells the story of 18-year-old Raisa who hatches a dangerous plan to save her younger sister from becoming a one-day bride. Marrying a poor girl for one day (or rather, one night) is a common way of sexual exploitation by rich men, without breaking their hypocritical religious rules.

Sound design & mix by my friend Udit Duseja, Mumbai.

Awards so far:
Grand Prix Internationale, Brussels Short Film Festival, May 2016
Audience Award – Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, June 2016
Best Performance in a Short Film - Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), April 2016
Best Short Film - Global Voices Film Festival (UN Women Initiative), May 2016



© Vertigo Films Ltd.

I have done the complete Foley performance, recording and editing for the sci-fi feature film "KILL COMMAND" by director/writer Steven Gomez, starring Vanessa Kirby, Thure Lindhardt and David Ajala.

For this ambitious and VFX-heavy action film I recorded a lot of soldier steps for the different characters e.g. in the woods or an abandoned bunker building, as well as some nice military gear handling and movements. But being set in the near future, it was also great fun to come up with some new stuff to perform solid but at the same time light-weight high-tech weapon handling.

Sound design and mixing by my friends at Sound Disposition, London.
Cinema release in UK is on May 13th.


"ZONA NORTE" Sound Editing, Foley

"ZONA NORTE", Monika Treut's new film will premiere at Berlinale 2016 | Panorama!

It's a lovely documentary feature on a long-time social school project for poor kids in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

I totally enjoyed doing the entire sound editing, ambience design, few bits of Foley as well as the pre-mix. The final mix was done by Sascha Heiny (LoftStudios).


"JEDERMANN" Sound Design, Foley, Mix

 © Katharina PethkeI have finished the Sound Design, Foley and Mix of Katharina Pethke's "JEDERMANN".

The beautiful 16mm B&W film is an experimental documentary portrait of the Austrian actor Philipp Hochmair. Following him on his way to perform Hofmannsthal's famous play Jedermann as one-man-show, the film also shows how things can get a bit blurry in a life filled with so many different characters and roles.

It was a great pleasure to develop the sound concept for this film, perform and record some detailed Foley, as well as design intense surround atmospheres. In addition to that I enjoyed the close collaboration with composer Gerriet K. Sharma, who crafted a fragile and beautiful electronic score.

JEDERMANN has already been awarded "Prädikat besonders wertvoll" (especially valuable) by the FBW – good luck now for any festivals!



Nick Love's (The Firm, The Sweeney) new feature film "AMERICAN HERO", starring Stephen Dorff and Eddie Griffin, has been released in USA!

I have performed, recorded and edited all the Foley sounds (including several tracks for a squeaky wheelchair). My friends at SoundDisposition did all the sound design in London and mixed at The Post Republic Hamburg/Berlin.

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