In all my work, custom sound recordings and real musical instruments create a personal and unique sound world.


ALBAN ENDLOS (Solo Project)
Debut EP & LP are released in 2015/16.

(Live-Improvisation House Trio)



Being an active musician I play tenor and soprano saxophone, analogue synthesizers, pianos, organs and guitars. I have acquired my skills in several big bands, rock bands, jazz combos and electronic projects as well as studying under Germany’s internationally renowned saxophone player, Johannes Enders.

I also can draw on a wide network of musicians playing all kinds of instruments.

I prefer to use analogue instruments in my work. Sound and playing performance are unequalled by their virtual alter egos, leading to more expressive and unique results. Moreover, I have no need for thousands of presets I don't like, but I simply love to plug cables, turn knobs and fine-tune exactly that specific sound I'm looking for. That's why they are more inspiring for me and add that special touch to your production, too.

Stylistically I swing between jazz, filigree electronica, minimal classic and pulsing club sounds. And I usually don't like films being all soaked in non-stop-music. So when planning a film music concept I concentrate on the dramaturgically important music cues which then can develop their full power.

I am experienced in composing and producing for all media formats like:

  • music for motion picture and radio play
  • music for commercials and image film
  • audio loops for presentations, exhibitions and web applications
  • 2.0 stereo or 5.1 surround